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New look GDP Federation Committee

New look GDP Federation Committee - 24th December 2014

With the New Year almost upon us there will be some new faces to the GDP Federation Committee for 2015.

After around 10 years of Federation service Mr. Adrian Sodi decided that it was time to call an end to his service as a Federation representative and his role as Chairman of the GDP Federation. During Adrian’s Chairmanship the Federation enjoyed great success. He played and instrumental role in achieving EuroCOP’s visit to Gibraltar and the Federation’s successful application for Membership. The GDPF is proud to form part of the EuroCOP family. Adrian also oversaw the introduction of the GDP Federation Website which has improved the profile of the GDP Federation and has also encouraged better communication between the Committee and the Membership we serve. Mr. Adrian Sodi’s resignation was closely followed by that of Mr. Jonathan Sodi whose training as a Media Officer also contributed to the introduction of the Website. Their resignations in late November 2014 meant that a By-Election for the two vacant posts was organised last week. The Ballot was a huge success with 100% of the Membership exercising their right to vote in a democratic and modern way. There were 4 Candidates who put their names forward to contest the 2 vacant positions. The new look GDPF Committee now consists of:

  • Mr. Martin Hosken                 Chairman
  • Mr. Melvyn Brier                    Vice-Chairman (Newly elected with 94 % of the vote)
  • Mr. Adrian Mesilio                 Secretary
  • Mr. Joseph Osborne             Treasurer (Newly elected with 57 % of the vote)
  • Mr. Christian Hermida           Health and Safety Representative

The GDPF would like to congratulate Mr. Melvyn Brier and Mr. Joseph Osborne on being elected to the GDPF Committee and would also like to thank Mr. Adrian Sodi and Mr. Jonathan Sodi for their service and contribution to the Federation.

This GDP Federation Committee will continue to work with dedication for the members we represent. In a recent MOD Whitley Meeting the GDPF was impressed by the open, direct and respectful manner in which the CBF Commodore Ian McGhie conducted his business and looks forward to developing their working relationship with him. The move by the MOD in Gibraltar to make permanent all those Police Officers on fixed term contracts and to employ new recruits has been welcomed by this Federation and shows the commitment of the MOD Command in Gibraltar to the GDP. The continued investment in training is also welcomed. Behind the scenes the work of the Command Secretary Simon Argyle and Head of HR Alison Whitaker cannot be underestimated in maintaining this positive working relationship.

The positive atmosphere with the MOD Command has a lot to do with the open and transparent relationship that exists between the GDP SMT and the GDP Federation Committee. Although there are times where there are differences of opinion, both the GDP SMT and GDP Federation work together to ensure that the service the organisation provides the MOD in Gibraltar is maintained to the highest standards. The GDP Federation fully supports the work of maintaining the professional standards of British Policing and is proud to form part of the British Policing family.

2014 has seen improved relationships between the RGP and GDP with the introduction of a MOU between the Commissioner of Police and the CPO of the GDP. This MOU has helped to formalise the working relationship between both Police forces and has brought us closer together. The GDP Federation is fully supportive of the MOU and welcomes the proactive approach and interest that His Excellency the Governor takes in this working relationship between the Police forces. During 2014 the GDP Federation has also enjoyed an improved relationship with the Police Association of the RGP and the GDP Federation is fully committed to supporting any initiatives that seek to address the welfare and health and safety concerns of the Policing family in Gibraltar.

Looking forward the GDP Federation is still of the opinion that the long-term future of our members lies with the Government of Gibraltar and not necessarily with the Ministry of Defence. The GDP Federation welcomes the open door policy of the Government of Gibraltar. The Government of Gibraltar continues to keep the GDP Federation aware of any discussions that could impact upon our members’ future and we are pleased to be kept informed.

The GDP Federation would like to wish all our members and their families, the MOD family in Gibraltar, the people of Gibraltar, and all our Police Colleagues throughout Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Europe, joy and peace over the holidays and a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2015.