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GDP Federation Reception – 3rd December 2015

The GDP Federation hosted a Reception on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at the Aurora Ballroom in the Sunborn Hotel. The Reception was a celebration of the Federation’s successes and achievements over the last 2 years. With 100 guests attending the Reception it proved to be an enjoyable evening for all. Mr. Martin Hosken, Chairman of the GDP Federation extended his gratitude on behalf of the Federation to all the guests for attending, especially to the Police Federation colleagues from abroad. Those in attendance represented the UK Defence Police Federation, the UK Civil Nuclear Police Federation, the Police Federation of Northern Ireland, the Scottish Police Federation and the Swedish Police Association. Also present were Spanish colleagues from UPOL, UFPOL and UGC.


At the Reception the Commander of the British Forces Commodore Ian McGhie, the Honourable Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo and the GDP Chief Police Officer Chief Superintendent Rob Allen addressed the Reception where the possible options for the transfer of the GDP to the Government of Gibraltar were raised. The Chief Minister stated he was ambitious and wanted to achieve the transfer before the end of 2017.


Mr. Martin Hosken stated in his address “Whether you belong to the Gibraltar Defence Police or whether you form part of an organisation represented here this evening, RAF , Navy, Army, RGP, Customs, Borders and Coastguard, a member of the EuroCOP family, the success of the GDP has been because we are all working together to achieve common goals. We in the GDP aim to keep the MOD in Gibraltar safe and secure and in doing that we are working inside the wire and outside the wire keeping vigilant and assisting to keep Gibraltar safe. We seek to build positive relationships with key stakeholders to be more effective in our business. And in the days we live in we need to be effective and vigilant, and work closer together with other agencies.”  On the issue of transfer he stated to the CBF  “Whatever the future may bring you have the assurance, that although this Federation will passionately defend the interests of our members, that we will seek to maintain the services required by the MOD in a way that is effective, reliable, flexible and that provides that key phrase value for money”.


Mr. Martin Hosken publicly thanked and recognised the support and role of the Commissioner of Police to contributing the GDPs successes and for the improvement in relations between the RGP and the GDP over the last 4 years.


Mr. Mark Nelson a member of the Executive Committee of EuroCOP addressed the Reception and shared how he valued the GDP Federations contribution to EuroCOP. Presentations were made to Nigel Dennis of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation and Anna Nellberg Dennis, the former EuroCOP President, for their instrumental role in supporting the GDP Federations successful application and entry into EuroCOP.


Various local charities were presented with cheques by the GDP Charity Committee. Between donations from the GDPF Membership and a raffle on the night £1050 was raised for the National Police Memorial Day whose representatives also travelled to support the Reception.