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GDP Federation Joins EuroCOP

The visit to Gibraltar of the EuroCOP President Anna Nellberg on Thursday 9th October 2014 saw the Gibraltar Defence Police Federation (GDPF) formally apply to join EuroCOP. The GDPF Committee is delighted to have received notification that its application for membership in EuroCOP has been successful.  Initially the GDPF will enjoy observer status but it will have full access to all EuroCOP activities and benefits. Being such a small organisation the GDPF is delighted with this initial status within EuroCOP. The GDP Federation’s application to join EuroCOP received wide spread support. This included support from Spanish Police Representative bodies including La Asociacion Unificada de Guardias Civiles (AUGC).


GDP Federation Secretary Martin Hosken stated “the GDPF will support the good work that EuroCOP carries out in advocating for the fair treatment of Police Officers throughout the European Union. Through networking we can help to foster safer working conditions for our members, to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect and to help to promote actions which will make Europe a safer place.” He further emphasised that the GDPF will continue to collaborate with the RGP Association to foster positive relationships with Spanish Police Representative bodies. He reinforced that “the hard work will continue to encourage reasonable and transparent dialogue in suitable forums, to encourage mutual respect between the policing organisations concerned and to continue to cooperate to deliver the best policing possible in Gibraltar, Spain and Europe. The GDP Federation Secretary wishes to say ” a special thank you to all our Police Colleagues, many of which we have never met, for supporting our application to join EuroCOP. We are also delighted to hear the news that our Spanish counterparts and colleagues supported our application. We are humbled by the support a small Police Federation such as ours has been afforded. I also want to thank the EuroCOP president Anna Nellberg for her support and assistance through the process.”