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EuroCOP Congress Press Release – 18th November 2015

The Gibraltar Defence Police Federation, the smallest member organisation of EuroCOP, attended its first EuroCOP Congress in Dublin between Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th November 2015.

The following EuroCOP Press Release is supported by the GDP Federation.

EuroCOP Press Release

The terrorist related incidents in Hanover last night (17th November) and this morning in Saint Denis, Paris have served as a stark reminder of the unprecedented attack on the way of life, freedoms and the peace and security of our nations.

It is clear that Europeans now demand a police response that is unlike anything ever seen in Europe before. These expectations must be matched by commitments from European Governments to enable the police to provide safety for our citizens.

Speaking after the EuroCOP Congress in Dublin, Angels Bosch the newly elected President of the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) said;

“We must never allow terrorism to destroy our way of life.

It is important that the cornerstones of free and democratic society are protected and the citizens of Europe must be resolute in the face of those intolerant to, and intent on destroying the freedoms we all cherish.

The events in Hanover and also in Saint Denis, Paris which led to the arrest of suspects for 13th November 2015 attacks in Paris have resulted in serious injury to 5 police officers and the death of a police K9. Once again these incidents serve to remind us of bravery shown by police officers as they place themselves in harms way so others don’t have to. All Europeans can be grateful that they are served by such courageous men and women.

I want to be very clear however that brave men and women is not enough. We must ensure that our police forces cooperate in a way they never have before. Recent events have shown us that terrorism knows no borders. More than ever before our police forces must cooperate and work together in a manner that recognises this new reality.

It is the first duty of all our governments to deliver safety and security for our citizens and the best way of delivering this is through properly rescourced police services. Fear will not stop danger and no amount of planning and intelligence will ever guarantee to eradicate such barbaric attacks in the future, but properly funded police and law enforcement agencies working in, and with the support of our communities can undermine the opportunities for such attacks in the future.

Angels Bosch

The European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) is the umbrella organisation for 35 police unions and staff organisations. It represents the interests of almost half a million police officers in 27 countries. Angels Bosch is also the Deputy General Secretary for the Catalan Police Union, Sindicat de Policias de Catalunya