About The Gibraltar Defence Police Federation

A professional Federation for a professional Force

Our Objectives

The Federation’s main aims are as follows

  • To protect and improve the conditions of employment of its members.
  • To raise the status of the MoD’s police force in Gibraltar and to enhance its efficiency.
  • To offer a welfare service to Federation members.
  • To provide members with legal advice and assistance on matters arising from their employment.
  • To make available to members a wide range of benefits and other services.
  • To maintain liaisons with representative bodies of other police services, when this is judged to be in the best interests of members.

A professional Federation for a professional Force

The Gibraltar Defence Police is a body of professionals, trained to exacting standards with a high level of skills and competence. The Gibraltar Defence Police provides excellent value for money in their service to both the Ministry of Defence and the Gibraltar Community. We believe that the officers that we represent have every right to expect the same qualities from us, their Federation: high standards of professionalism, skills and training, thus providing our members with value for money. As the Force constantly evolves, adapting to change and new challenges, so, we believe, should the Federation.

Where we come from: a brief history of the Gibraltar Defence Police

The Gibraltar Defence Police celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2013. Initially set up just before the Second World War in 1938 this Police Service was called the Gibraltar Security Police and was created as a Civilian Police Force employed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). We have had 2 name changes since our creation in 1938. The most recent saw the Police Service migrate from being known as the Gibraltar Services Police to the Gibraltar Defence Police in 2009. In much the same way as the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) in the United Kingdom (U.K.) serves the MOD the Gibraltar Defence Police serves the MOD in Gibraltar. The GDP shares analogue with the MDP on all matters of pay and pay related conditions. The GDP is entrusted with the Security and Policing of the Defence Estate in Gibraltar which still includes facilities to support and operate Army, Navy and Air Force capabilities.

Where the Gibraltar Defence Police receive its legal powers

Policing Powers in Gibraltar are governed under the Police Act 2006. The Gibraltar Defence Police finds its powers under this Act under Section 78 of the Police Act 2006. All GDP Officers are sworn in as Constables in the Gibraltar Courts. The Commissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) and the Chief Police Officer of the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) regularly agree to a protocol (usually monthly) regarding both organisations’ operational co-operation in Gibraltar. In this protocol both have agreed that in order to ensure that GDP officers are able to exercise policing powers in all necessary circumstances, that the document will provide an additional safeguard for officers through the use of jurisdiction granted by the Commissioner of Police under S.78(3)(ii) of the Police Act 2006. The document covers various issues such as the following;

  • Shared Objectives between the GDP and the RGP
  • The Requirement for the GDP to operate in the vicinity of Defence Estate
  • Mutual Aid and Command and Control Arrangements
  • Custody Procedures and Case management
  • Harmonisation of Policy

How the Gibraltar Defence Police Federation exists and operates

There is no mandate under the Gibraltar Constitution of 2006 for the existence of the Gibraltar Defence Police Federation. It is not enacted by law in any Act of Parliament. The MOD as our employer treats the GDP Federation in the same way it does the MDP Federation.

By early 2015 the compliment of the GDP should rise to approximately 95 officers. The majority of these officers opt to be represented by the GDP Federation.

Our Memorandum of Agreement with the MOD has a Facility Time agreement which currently allows for GDPF Committee members to enjoy 800 Hours (80 days) a year for representative duties (pre-planned) and also for any other hours required in relation to unplanned duties. The GDPF works closely with the GDP Senior Management Team to help ensure that the Facility Time is managed in a way that benefits all members. The GDP Federation does not have a full time staff member for Federation Duties.